What they say

"This is a band to watch!"
Top 8 Emerging Artists
Kings of A&R, July 2012

"These gritty, sexy boys give rock something to be proud of. Drums, bass, and grrrreat raw, manly vocals...the Strokes meets the Foo Fighters after a few shots with the Rolling Stones...open your ears to one of the most tantalizing rock experiences of the year."
Music Under Fire, July 2012

"Feels dirty in a good way."
FreeIndie.com, July 2012

"...rooted in old school with a modern twist."
The Deli Magazine, July 2012

"There's a lot of misogynistic imagery here... Oh! Wait a minute. That's the point!"
Given and Taken Ink, May 2012

"A change of direction...and the result is brilliant."
JungleIndieRock.com, June 2012

Live Toast (Interview), June 2012

The Peverett Phile (Interview), July 2012